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Still waiting for the factory!

SeaClutch boat, yacht, RV
The factory took longer than expected to clear the order

We are all excited and anxious to know when the SeaClutch will arrive!

The factory completed the order and shipped it to us, and it arrived on March 1. We had expected it to only take a few days to separate the SeaClutch from the larger order. Once that process is finished the SeaClutch will be placed on pallets, shrink wrapped and shipped to the distribution center.

At the distribution center, we will complete our quality control inspection. This includes opening shipping boxes to confirm the quantity is correct and testing completed SeaClutch's to ensure that they function properly.

When all that is completed, we can fulfill our pre-orders and send samples to our wholesale distributors.

Unfortunately, the transport facility handling the shipment got behind and the SeaClutch is caught in the backlog! More to follow!

Thanks for your support!


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