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Sales Trip to Saint Michaels

Boat RV Picture Frame Holder Sales Call
Rafted at St Michaels Maryland on SeaClutch Sales Call

We took the boat to St. Michaels to market the SeaClutch boat and RV picture frame holder. We had previously spoken to several very receptive merchants, but now we wanted to focus on the marinas. To save expense, we decided to anchor out and take the dinghy in.

Added bonus - we rafted out with some great friends!

After arriving, we took the dinghy to all the marinas in St. Michaels harbor. With the exception of Higgins Yacht Yard, all the other Marina’s were very receptive and indicated a desire to purchase as soon as the product was ready. As with other discussion, there was a desire to brand the SeaClutch boat and RV picture frame holder with the name of the company.

With this in mind, I schedule a meeting with Maryland Plastics to discuss the options.


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