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Sales Calls and Good Times

Boat, Yacht, RV, SeaClutch
Our sales vehicle and hotel in St Michaels!

After a great night having fun with the awesome members of the Miles River Yacht Club and the regatta participants, we headed into town and talked to several marina's about selling the SeaClutch boat, yacht and RV picture frame holder.

As a side note, if you are familiar with the Miles River Yacht Club, you can see that we are actually perpendicular to the Miles River itself. There are no seawalls between the main channel and the marina, so every time a large boat went by we got rocked! Good thing the SeaClutch kept everything in place! What would have happened to your pictures?

First we went to the St. Michaels Marina. We had spoken to the marina manager last fall, and he agreed to take the SeaClutch on consignment. Not my favorite way of getting on the shelf, but right now it is all about exposure! The manager was not there, so we left our card and asked him to call.

We then hit the couple of smaller marina's in downtown Saint Michaels, and were greeted with interest but no one wanted to commit. Finally, we spoke with someone at the Chesapeake Maritime Museum about carrying a "branded" SeaClutch, and while they were interested they needed to speak to the manager first.

The dogs did great and we got several leads! Lisa and I grabbed some lunch and headed back to our home port.


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