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Genesis of an Idea

We love boating and are on our boat almost every nice weekend. We really enjoy firing up those big beautiful diesels and taking a cruise with our friends. We often find a secluded cove, drop anchor and enjoy the beautiful evening together.

As anyone with a boat or RV knows, there is a process that you follow prior to leaving. For a boat it involves securing all the supplies, checking all the systems and making sure that everyone understands their role. If there are new passengers, you make sure they understand where their cabins are and what to do in an emergency. We have a nice size boat with a lot of decorative pictures, and the last thing my wife does is go around and lay everything gently down so they it wouldn’t fall in transit. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is a hassle! And sometimes you forget…

On this particular weekend we encountered a storm while crossing the Chesapeake Bay from our home on Kent Island to Annapolis, MD. We encountered 3-foot swells breaking across our port side bow, so the ride was a bit unpleasant for a short period. As we turned into the Severn River, the wind died down and the sun came out, so we headed into Spa Creek mooring field to tie up for the night.

After the boat was secured, my wife into the salon to prepare a snack, I heard a loud “Oh no!”, and she came up with a broken picture frame. We had forgotten to lay them down before we left, and the storm tossed them about the cabin breaking several. I can vividly remember her saying “There has to be a solution to this. It’s ridiculous that every time we leave I have to lay everything down.” I told her that we had heard other people complain about this, and I was sure that there was already something on the market.

That evening while enjoying a beverage and snacks on the rear deck, I searched the internet for a product. To my surprise, I couldn’t find one!


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