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A Word About Packaging

Boat, yacht, RV, Camper
Front of the SeaClutch Packaging!

What makes good packaging? We spent a lot of time thinking about that!

The picture above shows the final design and a SeaClutch in the packaging. The packaging itself is clear because we felt that this was a product that fits a need many people don't even know they have, so they would probably be curious about what it looked like.

The second feature is that all the writing has a white background. We originally had the entire package made withe clear material, but it was too hard to read.

Starting at the top, you can see that the SeaClutch name is clearly spelled out and that it is perforated for in store hanging displays. The next thing you see is "Boat and RV Picture Frame Holder" which clearly explains what the product is and does. Next is the beautiful logo that Lisa designed, and directly below that is the catch phrase that Lisa also developed. Finally, our website address.

What do you think?


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