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A successful second day at the Annapolis Powerboat Show!

SeaClutch, boat, yacht, RV Picture
Lisa selling the SeaClutch!

The second day of the show started out breezy and sunny. We decided to work the booth in shifts, so I got up early and headed over. It was a long walk and I was moving a little slowly, so I hailed the water taxi on the radio for a quick ride over.

The winds really picked up and it was a challenge for the water taxi to even dock to pick me up, so I suspected it would be a rough night for people out on the hook. Having tied up to the mooring buoys in the past, I simultaneously admired and worried about the many boats that just dropped anchor in the Severn River!

I got to the show a few minutes before it opened and got the booth set up. I got there before the people in the next booth, a great group selling maps by William and Heintz Map Corporation, so I opened up their side for them as well.

The boat show began to fill up and we got a lot of people inquiring into our product, but only a couple of sales. Based on the questions I was getting, I was questioning our pricing structure. Even though we clearly stated what the prices were, it was too complicated.

I'd bounce pricing options off Lisa and the rest of our sales team when they got here.


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